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  • Missouri River Fly Shop &
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  • Missouri River Fly Shop &
    Guide Service

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    Latest Fishing Report

    July 23rd, 2020

    The MO is fishing good, We still have some PMD's around, but Tricos and Caddis are the main hatches going on now, nymghing has been steady. 

    The fishing at The Gates of the Mountains ( LOG ) has been steady Tailwater Sow Bugs and PMD nymghs are working best in the river and Black Balanced Leeches and Chironomids in the Lake.

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    Dries that are working Best are:

    Film Critic PMD Size 16 & 16

    Challenged PMD Size 16

     Ninch's Handman PMD Size 16

    Hef's Morning Brew Trico Size 18 & 20

    Bucky's Midge Cluster Size 18

    Cluster Midge Size 16 & 18

    Matt's Don King Trico Size 18

    Trico Spinners Size 18 & 20

    Corn-Fed Caddis Size 14 & 16

    Stocking Foot Caddis Size 14 & 16

    Double Duck Caddis Size 14 & 16

    Nymphs & Streamers that are working Best are:

    3-T Jigged Mosassin A-PMD Size 14 to 18

    3-T Jigged Mossasin A-MFG Size 14 to 18

    Two Bit Hooker Size 14 & 16

    Psycho May PMD Size 14 to 18

    Ninch's Pill Popper Size 16 & 18

    Tailwater Sow Bug Size 14 to 18

    Split Case PMD Size 14 to 18

    Crack Back PMD Size 14 & 16

    Jigged Frenchie Size 14 to 18

    Zebra Midge Size 16 & 18

    Olive Thin Mint Size 8

    Nick's MoJo Minnow Yellow Perch Size 4 & 8

    Coffey's CH Sparkle Minnow Size 8

    Keller's She Demon Size 6

    Miller-Time Streamer Size 6


    Stream Flows

    (cfs): 2870
    34.34 F°
    (cfs): 3350
    33.08 F°

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